Article: “Enhance consumer experiences by tuning in to table service” (May 2005)

"One key research finding was that exceptional table service and a quality restaurant experience go hand in hand; in fact, customers who rate their experiences as "excellent" also report they have had excellent table service.

The study, sponsored by American Express, queried 600 restaurant operators and 1,000 customers about recent dining experiences. Overall, the study found that operators and their customers have different perceptions about the importance of service and the factors that make up a quality service experience. Understanding and acting upon this finding is critical for restaurant operators, because diners are not likely to frequent restaurants where they aren't satisfied with the quality of service."

LookSmart's FindArticles – Enhance consumer experiences by tuning in to table service
(Nation's Restaurant News, May 9, 2005)

WaiterBell Angle: The study highlights what is one of the most important factors to a customer's dining experience, table service. The WaiterBell system helps improve table service for all types of restaurants by empowering the customer and preventing service gaps.


Research: Restaurant operations white paper – focus on excellent service to get ahead – (Nation’s Restaurant News, Jan. 2005)

"As the restaurant business grows increasingly crowded, the pressure is on for operators to stay one step ahead of their competition, providing exemplary service that rewards their establishments with strong sales, repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth. 

Exceptional restaurant service is no longer just friendly greeters, easy parking and clean bathrooms, according to a recent study conducted by Nation's Restaurant News. While these elements put a dining establishment "at par" with industry standards, exceptional service is that which goes above and beyond these directives, customers say."

full article:
LookSmart's FindArticles – Restaurant operations white paper: focus on excellent service to get ahead
(Nation's Restaurant News, Jan 31, 2005)

WaiterBell Angle: This study shows that restaurants need to continue innovating and providing higher quality service to their customers. The WaiterBell system helps restaurants exceed customer expectations and maintain a distinct competitive edge.

Operation: WaiterBell begins

This blog will hopefully chronicle the rise of the WaiterBell concept in the U.S.  Also included will be articles about restaurant customer service.