Article: Two customer service experiences

"Customer Service Hard to Find" (2/2006)

"While other tables, occupied by folks who came in after us, got served their meals, we were simply plied with bread so members of my party started grumbling. After more than an hour went by with no meals in sight, one member of the group checked with the kitchen staff as to the status of our dinners."

link: "Customer Service Hard to Find" by Don Winslow (Southern Pines Pilot – Southern Pines,NC,USA 2/2006)

"Turning service into sales" (2/2006)

"That's the benefit of great customer service—it gives you the credibility and opportunity to sell more. The food was great and the service even better. This place realizes that service is the sizzle on the steak."

source: "Turning service into sales" by Tom Reilly (Industrial Distribution Feb. 1, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: These two experiences show how restaurant customer service is an opportunity for restaurants to create a positive relationship with their customers that can translate into repeat business and positive word of mouth. The WaiterBell system helps prevent service gaps and allows your restaurant to excel in creating a positive relationship with customers.


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