Research: Zagat Releases 2006 America’s Top Restaurant Survey (Oct.2005)

"Food vs. Service: Unfortunately, Service Ratings lag behind food ratings everywhere by almost two points on the Zagat scale. When asked what irritates them the most about eating out, there was a great deal of consistency in diners' responses – "poor service" led the way in every city.

Nationally, 72% of complaints focused on service. The remaining 28% of complaints were about Noise/Crowds (11%), Food (5%), Prices (4%), Traffic/Parking (4%), and Other (4%). "Year after year, our surveys show that service is the weak link in the restaurant industry," added Mr. Zagat."

source: Zagat Releases 2006 America's Top Restaurant Survey (Zagats, Oct.2005)

WaiterBell Angle: Zagat was one of the first to aggregate and interpret restaurant customer feedback to give diners a sense of restaurant from more than one restaurant reviewer. The results of this survey shows that "poor service" should be a serious issue for restaurants nationwide. It can also be viewed as an opportunity for restaurants to rise above the competition. The use of the WaiterBell system is a tangible, visible investment in enhancing customer service that will provide a service safety net every day. 


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