Research: Online Discussions of Restaurant Signaling Systems

Signal vs. Noise weblog (Feb.2006) 
“Whenever I’m having difficulty getting a waiter’s attention, I wonder why I’ve never seen a restaurant with some sort of mailbox flag system for alerting servers when diners need attention…”

Why Not Open Source Movement (Dec.2003)
“Most restaurants in my opinion provide really poor wait services…Why not add a small, inconspicuous button on each table that would ring (or light up) at the waiter’s (or waitress’) station each time it is pressed.”

The comments that follow these posts are informative in the various opinions about customer service in restaurants, and varied methods used around the world to signal servers for assistance.

WaiterBell Angle: The discussions of restaurant signaling systems like WaiterBell have been going on for years. Restaurants in the U.S. may believe that their customers don’t want such an option available to them, however these posts show that there is customer demand for such a service.


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