Article: “How to get the attention of waiters and waitresses” (Cairns Dining)

"It varies from restaurant to restaurant. Sometimes your waitperson won’t leave you alone all evening and you feel like you’re being scrutinised. On other occasions, all you want is some attention and a glass of water but staff don’t realise you exist. Of course, these experiences are balanced out by the perfect waiting staff who keep an eye on you all night to ensure you’re adequately looked after, and don’t intrude on your special evening out."


WaiterBell Angle: This article has a list of ways dining patrons currently use to try to get the attention of a server. Many of these methods require continued effort from the diner until it is noticed by the waitstaff. With the WaiterBell system, a customer can push the WaiterBell, and then go back to dining or talking with the assurance that service will be on the way. WaiterBell is an easy, discreet, and effective method of asking for assistance from the waitstaff. 


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