Marketing: WaiterBell vs. The Alternatives

The chart below shows WaiterBell versus the other solutions available on the market or currently used in restaurants:

Regarding the goal of providing the most effective and practical solution for customers to signal for assistance, as well as the service staff receiving that signal, WaiterBell is the most effective and easiest to install in a restaurant.

Against the other solutions on the market (Tablecall and ESP Systems), WaiterBell is the better choice with regards to price, installation, operating equipment, and complexity. Tablecall and ESP Systems offer more features and options, however this substantially increases the cost, training, maintenance, and equipment required. WaiterBell is an elegant solution that economically and effectively focuses on one thing: allowing a diner to discreetly and reliably signal the waitstaff for assistance.


One Response to “Marketing: WaiterBell vs. The Alternatives”

  1. WaiterBell: Restaurant Customer Service and Empowered Dining » Article: “Ready to be self-served?” (June 2006) Says:

    […] WaiterBell Angle: While WaiterBell and ESP Systems work from the same concept, each accomplishes the goal differently. We did a quick comparison between the two systems a little while ago (click here).  […]

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