Opinion: Word of Mouse: People are typing…

The internet has allowed restaurant reviews and word-of-mouth to become easily associated with a restaurant through search engines. Here are examples of popular restaurant review sites that allow people to post about their dining experiences. Some sites cover cities all over the country, and some cover only local:

Zagat.com (subscription-based)
and more…


Add this to the restaurant reviews posted online by newspapers and the discussion forums such as Chowhound.com, there is no question that in todays internet age, more and more people are eager to share their dining experiences online.

WaiterBell Angle: We believe that with the WaiterBell service, a restaurant can prevent poor dining experiences due to accidentally neglectful service. A dissatisfied customer can easily post their experience on a restaurant review site, discussion forum, or personal blog, which can then appear when someone else is searching for that restaurant online (see "Brown Pelican Restaurant" example in the previous post). WaiterBell can resolve one of the main reasons why someone may be dissatisfied with a restaurant.


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