Article: “Zagat finds prices high, service less than stellar in South Florida” (Mar. 2006)

“South Floridians eat out more than residents of any other region in the nation. But, most of us complain the service could be better…despite opening menus more often than counterparts nationwide, 83 percent of South Florida complaints related to service. Good service may be hard to find, as only Baltimore and Las Vegas surveyors noted better service than those in South Florida”

link: “Zagat finds prices high, service less than stellar in South Florida” by Robin Londner, South Florida Business Journal – March 10, 2006

similar articles were written in the Sun-Sentinel, Nov.-Dec. 2005. “Poor service and sky-high prices on menu in S. Florida restaurants, Zagat Survey finds” and “Your top restaurants for good service“, here are some statistics provided in the first article:

Biggest complaint about dining in South Florida:
1. Service: 83%
2. Food quality: 6%
3. Noise: 5%

source: Sun-Sentinel Co. & South Florida Interactive, Inc.

The second article was based on user feedback, excerpt:

“As for the other 17 percent, they must be making reservations at the best restaurants for good service as rated by you, our readers, from Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach to Miami and more South Florida cities.”

What follows is a list of restaurants in South Florida with good service, based on user reviews.

WaiterBell Angle: These articles show how significant service is part of the customer dining experience. The question is: If poor service is such a problem in South Florida, why don’t the restaurants do anything about it? 

Customers tend to not complain to the manager about neglectful service, but rather talk to friends, post comments online, use Zagats, and never return to the restaurant. This makes it difficult for restaurant managers to know about service gaps and believe that customer service at their restaurant is fine. WaiterBell helps prevent service gaps and neglectiful service, which can help build more repeat business and higher customer satisfaction.


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