Article: “Technology in Restaurants” (May 2005)

“For any restaurant, be it large or small, the process of making an expensive investment in an unproven new technology can turn a mild-mannered restaurateur into a stressful, headache-ridden worrywart. The agonizing questions typically begin before the first check is even written: How long until I see a return on investment? Are the vendor’s advertised ROI claims justifiable? Will my employees actually use it? What if the company goes out of business or doesn’t back the product?”

“One unsurprising nugget of information we uncovered was that most restaurant purchases are still made as a result of the oldest communication tool – word of mouth. This type of purchase does not mean that the product or service is the best or most economical that is available; only that a friend or associate vouches for its usefulness and/or its effectiveness.”

link: “Technology in Restaurants” by Matt DeLucia (New York Restaurant Insider, May 2005)

WaiterBell Angle: We understand that restaurants may be hesitant to try a new idea such as WaiterBell, however the concept and technology has been successfully used in other countries for years. The WaiterBell System is a tested product that is FCC approved. Also, we allow restaurants to try the system risk-free for a few weeks before making any decision.


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