Article: “An outside chance – Dining alfresco can transform even a simple meal into a memory…weather permitting, of course” (Mar.2006)

"Sitting outside, enjoying the sun's warmth or a gentle breeze, is enough to make time stand still. What would be a quick meal on a weekday can become a lazy Sunday afternoon when the weather's just right. You tell your server, "Yes, I will have another drink. Something to munch on, too."

"When the weather is good, then people do want to be outside," says Beeson, who is hunting for a band to play on the porch Sunday afternoons. "People eating outside are more prone to linger."

"When the weather's cooperating, "our inside will be empty and our whole patio (full)," says Arturo Coronel, a manager at the restaurant."

link: "An Outside Chance" by Mary Vuong (Houston Chronicle, Mar. 15, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: The WaiterBell system is effective inside restaurants, however some restaurant owners seem to be more receptive of the concept for their outdoor dining spaces. Since the weather is getting warmer, we will focus marketing the WaiterBell system to restaurants with outdoor dining and patio dining. Similar to providing heat lamps for patrons choosing to eat outdoors, restaurants can provide the WaiterBell system to provide outdoor diners a discreet and easy way to signal the waitstaff inside.


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