Article: “My Week as a Waiter” (Jan.2006)

"What unnerves me most is trying to gauge their mood. Sometimes they smile when I circle back to check on them. Sometimes they glare….In addition to dexterity, poise and a good memory, a server apparently needs to be able to read minds."

"I think so, too, if he's talking about trying to be fluent in the menu and the food, calm in the face of chaos, patient in the presence of rudeness, available when diners want that, invisible when they don't."

link: "My Week as a Waiter" by Frank Bruni (New York Times, Jan.25, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: Interesting article about a restaurant critic who changes roles and becomes a waiter for a week. Among the many observations, I have chosen the parts where WaiterBell would help the waitstaff. By empowering customers with the WaiterBell system, the waitstaff would not have to guess if their customers need additional service or "read minds". Note, the WaiterBell system is not meant to replace a restaurants customary table service, but rather supplement and enhance it. 


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