Article: “Good restaurant service gets back to basics” (Mar.2006)


"Because of the nature of our restaurant—fun rather than fine dining—we hired on attitude and personality, sometimes poaching top staff from other restaurants. We taught our new servers how to serve, how to sell, and how to keep busy. A good waiter is always in motion, checking place settings, polishing glasses, circulating, eyes always on their tables. Customers notice. Tips follow. Everyone makes out. When servers are in the weeds and diners are waiting, a quick word, a smile, and eye contact make a world of difference."

I spoke to several restaurateurs who agreed across the board that personality and attitude are what matters. If servers can bring those to the table, that’s 90 percent of the game."

link: "Good restaurant service gets back to basics" by Judith Lane (The Georgia Straight, Mar.23, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: There are several articles that believe the first thing to look for in hiring waitstaff are those with the right attitude and personality. From there, proper waiter training can handle the rest. However, even the best may have an off day or make a human mistake, and unfortunately it could cost a restaurant a customer, negative word of mouth, or a bad review. The WaiterBell system is meant to provide the service safety net to catch any mistakes before they can become costly. Restaurants invest time and money for recruiting and training their waitstaff, the WaiterBell system is an investment in supporting their waitstaff.


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