Article: “It’s all about service” (Mar.2006)


"In other words, much of the responsibility for getting good customer service lies – that's right – with you, and not the seller, said Jack Burke, author of "Get What You Want: An Industry Insider Shows You How to Make Good Complaints, Fix Bad Service and Convince Companies that You're Right."

"We as consumers have delegated the responsibility of our satisfaction to the company. We expect them to make us happy without us putting forth any effort, and it doesn't work that way," he said.

Trouble is, clerks, customer service reps and other salespeople can't read your mind. They don't have a crystal ball. You must communicate your needs, the problem you are trying to resolve, or what you want to accomplish. Only then can you get a helping hand."

link: "It's all about service" by Jean Chatzky (Daily News, Mar.30, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This article mainly focuses on customer responsibility in the retail sector, however I believe many of its points also apply to restaurant customer service. If a customer needs another utensil, how does the server know unless the customer tells them? There is some responsibility on the customer to communicate their need for service in a restaurant.

Without WaiterBell, the customer would have to wait to catch a server's attention or continue to gesture get noticed. Should that be the responsibility of the customer? We believe no, the customer's responsibility is to only signal for assistance. The restaurant's responsibility is to be there when the signal is made. If a server is not around, does a customer need service?

The WaiterBell system empowers customers to help the waitstaff prevent service gaps and communicate more effectively.


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