Article: “Senior moment: Chains forget older customers” (Jul. 2002)


"Representing an untapped gold mine for restaurant and hotel businesses, those nearly 50 million middle-aged consumers and workers currently make up about a fifth of the nation's population and represent more than half of its discretionary purchasing power."

"Foodservice operators received "very poor" customer service grades from older guests in the university-sponsored USA Today study.

"A majority of the mature respondents consider themselves occasionally mistreated in restaurants," the researchers explained in the report. "For example, some of them felt rushed to finish eating so others could have the table. They also felt restaurant employees did not care about them." 

"Ironically, casual-dining chains, the growth horse of the restaurant industry, received the poorest marks for customer service to older guests. Inattentive servers, lack of product knowledge to address specific questions and slow service were common complaints among older restaurantgoers who eat in casual-dining establishments. Fastfood and fine-dining operations tended to generate more "satisfied" comments than casual dining, the report said."

link: "Senior moment: Chains forget older customers; study: mature workers fare no better – Statistical Data Included" by Milford Prewitt (Nation Restaurant News, Jul. 8, 2002)

WaiterBell Angle: The WaiterBell system would help restaurants address service issues highlighted in this article. The system helps empower all customers to help enhance their dining experience and prevent service gaps from developing.


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