Article: “Fatz Cafe rolls out service system debuted at confab” (Feb.2006)


“TAYLORS, S.C. – Cafe Enterprises Inc., parent of the 29-unit Fatz Cafe casual-dining chain based here, is rolling out ESP Systems’ hardware and software for improving customer service and increased table turns, ESP said.

Charlotte, N.C.-based ESP, for a monthly fee, provides a service combining front-of-the-house-management software with wireless communications devices that are placed at each table and worn like a wristwatch or otherwise carried by greeters, servers and managers.”

link: “Fatz Cafe rolls out service system debuted at confab” by Alan J. Liddle (Nation’s Restaurant News, Feb. 13, 2006) [for more news on ESP Systems, click here]

WaiterBell Angle: ESP Systems uses the same general idea as WaiterBell, however it is a more complex solution that requires additional equipment. WaiterBell is also a one-time cost while ESP Systems is an undisclosed monthly fee. We created a comparison chart of WaiterBell and ESP Systems, as well as others, here.

While the ESP System may be a good fit for some restaurants, we believe that the WaiterBell system is more flexible, cost effective, and easier to implement for most restaurants. That being said, both systems aim to help enhance restaurant customer service and empower diners, and we are both working to introduce these concepts into the U.S. restaurant industry.


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