Media: WaiterBell mentioned in Yelp review

note: Yelp is a web site bringing word-of-mouth online. This is from their site: "You already know that asking friends is the best way to find restaurants, dentists, hairstylists, and anything local. Now, Yelp makes it fast and easy to make and receive real reviews from real people." 


"Thai food is hard to mess up but Bangkok Bay still reigns supreme on the Peninsula.  They have the right mix of ambience and food.  I like all of their curries and their lunch menu is a steal.  Also don't forget to order the dessert platter.  The mango with sweet coconut rice is so GANXSTA.  Tell them Bruno sent you.  PS they got the waiterbell thing, hotness."

link: Yelp – Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine

WaiterBell Angle: Thanks to Bruno for the mention. We are proud to be working with Bangkok Bay Thai Cuisine to help empower diners and enhance customer service. We will soon be creating a "Team WaiterBell" for our supporters to help enhance restaurant customer service.


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