Article: “Applebee’s Fires Two After Blacks Complain” (Apr.2006)


"CARTERSVILLE — An Applebee's restaurant in Bartow County fired two employees after African-Americans accused the business of discrimination, the manager said Saturday.

Three blacks complained of poor service at the restaurant over a four-day period."

link: "Applebee's Fires Two After Blacks Complain" by Tara Jones ( Apr.1, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: The WaiterBell system helps facilitate communications between the waitstaff and its guests. In a restaurant with conditions such as the above, if a customer's signals for assistance using WaiterBell are ignored, then it is clear to the customer that they are being denied service. The WaiterBell system will also help others on the waitstaff, as well as the manager, recognize if there is a pattern to the service gaps which calls for further investigation.


2 Responses to “Article: “Applebee’s Fires Two After Blacks Complain” (Apr.2006)”

  1. Donna Says:

    I know one of the servers this happened to and the incident had nothing to do with race!!!!!
    It had everything to do with how rude the customer was being and how they took every
    opportunity to curse the server and be vulger and even at one point taunting him and saying
    how he should stand up to them and not let them talk to him that way. At the same time
    he had another table that he was serving that was african american and also a table with
    latinos and he had no problems waiting on either one. This had nothing to do with race
    and everything to do with human respect!!!!!!!!! They are only making $2.13 an hour to
    be cursed out and treated like a dog!!!

  2. James Says:

    In real life people will play the race card . If you want a job in the hospitality industry you have to be ready to smile in the face of insults . When I was a waiter I waited on tables where the customers were clearly racist . You just do your job and move on . If you owned your own business and had to do sales, you would be forced to deal with even devil worshipers but again thats just life .

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