Article: “Quality Restaurant Service: Is Standard Fare for Skilled Workers” (Sept.2005)


"William Barnard of Oakland dines out at least twice a week and knows good service; he also knows when the wait staff is indifferent. A recent experience at a restaurant on the Peninsula made the evening memorable for all the wrong reasons.

"I was there with business associates and wanted to try a new restaurant that had been touted," he recalls. "The place was cavernous and the eight servers outnumbered the customers."

It was a warm night and the small group decided to sit outside. After a long wait the server appeared, filled their water glasses and disappeared. "We had to hunt for more water, bread and for the waiter so we could order," Barnard complains. "There were only two other customers in the restaurant that probably sat 150 people. We knew the servers were out there but we couldn’t see them. It was almost funny."

Having to chase down the waiter for the bill was the icing on the cake.

"It is disappointing when the meal is superior but the service is not up to the same standards," he concludes. "That is what stands out in my memory."

link: "Article: "Quality Restaurant Service: Is Standard Fare for Skilled Workers" by Julia Hollister (California Job Journal, Sept. 4, 2005)

WaiterBell Angle: The WaiterBell system is designed to prevent this type of incident from occurring in restaurants with outside or patio seating. The system is a supplement to the waitstaff, as well as a comfort to the customers knowing that they can discreetly and reliably signal for assistance if necessary.


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