Article: “Diners say restaurant service is lacking” (Nov.1999)

"Florida-based Feltenstein Partners reported that of almost 40,000 diners eating at mid-priced casual restaurants, seven percent said they would not go back because of bad service.

The rate was slightly higher at more expensive restaurants, with 12 percent, or roughly one in ten customers, saying they would not return because of poor quality service. 
"People don't have to tolerate bad service. And if they're unhappy with the service at one restaurant they go to another one," said restaurant expert Nina Zagat.

As for restaurant employees themselves, nearly half questioned said they would not recommend their own restaurant as a place to eat…much less a place to work."

source: "Diners say restaurant service is lacking" by Deborah Feyerick  (CNN, Nov. 17, 1999)

WaiterBell Angle: This research came out in 1999, and Zagat's also released research in 2005 that showed over 70% of diners complaints were with regard to service. Has this become a steady drone from customers that restaurants have come to expect and ultimately ignore? Or has it been that restaurants have felt that they did not have the tangible tools to effectively address the issue every day? WaiterBell is a tangible tool that restaurants can use to enhance service and decrease customer dissatisfaction.


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