Article: “Lines of Communication” (Mar. 2006)


"Check please? Would you like to upsize your meal? Did the last void rung up seem suspicious? Such questions have become commonplace at many restaurants—from quick-service, fast- and traditional casual, to white tablecloth establishments. The explosive growth and adoption of wireless technologies are allowing the three key stakeholders—customers, employees, and managers—to obtain more accurate answers than with hard-wired and analog solutions.

Improved wireless standards and smaller hardware devices are offering to revolutionize restaurant communications. No longer do guests need to sit and wait at the table—service can be a single click away. That’s the premise of ESP Systems (, which has developed a patented method of connecting restaurant employees and guests

According to Fatz CEO Steve Bruce, the ESP test that has been ongoing since last summer at one unit in Rock Hill, South Carolina, was very encouraging. And while each customer may have their own thoughts on acceptable and unacceptable service, Bruce says the discreet ESP devices give customers more choices—whether they need instant attention, want to pay now or want to be left alone."

source: "Lines of Communication" by Ed Rubinstein (Hospitality Technology, Mar. 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This article covers some of the wireless communication devices (helpful chart included at the end of article) used in the restaurant industry. WaiterBell is not mentioned in this article, however some of the statements made about ESP Systems can also be applied to WaiterBell. ESP offers a more complex, monitoring solution that is integrated with the hostess, kitchen, and bar. In addition to its pricing structure, the intricacies of their system may not be practical for some restaurants. The WaiterBell solution is a simpler, more cost effective approach to empowering guests and enhancing restaurant customer service.


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