Article: “Smart service” (Apr.2006)

"The foodservice industry in India is increasingly becoming conscious of using gadgets that could do wonders to keep guests happy and bottomlines healthy. The industry is also realising that continuous innovation is all about remaining competitive and keeping up with the changing trends in foodservice.

Whether for food or beverage, the personalised approach could still be retained with gadgets, feels Wadhwa. He says, "Foodservice segment is moving towards imbibing latest offerings from technological upgradation in the form of latest technological innovations that compliments the service. Customers always acknowledge quality service."

The foodservice industry is no longer using gadgets to be different. It is adopting them to remain in the race."

source: "Smart service" by Sanjeev Bhar (Express Hospitality, Apr. 1-15, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This article shows that the foodservice industries in other countries are looking to technology to stay competitive. These restaurants want proven technologies that enhance the customer experience to attract new business and keep existing customers.

The U.S. is not the only country creating innovations in restaurant technologies. The WaiterBell system is a proven techonology that has been successfully used for years in other countries such as Korea.


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