Article: “Top restaurants check into luxury hotels” (Apr.2006)

"It may surprise business travelers who often encounter lackluster hotel restaurants or have permanently written off hotel food: A new survey shows there are plenty of first-rate hotel dining options.

Fine dining is usually not what frequent business traveler Ed Krach of Austin finds at hotels. Krach, who works in the computer industry, says he tries to avoid eating dinner at hotels because of poor service, high prices and "bad food."

source: "Top restaurants check into luxury hotels" by Gary Stoller (Apr.10, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This article is interesting because it highlights full service dining that occurs not in a stand-alone business, but alongside another operation, such as hotels. Full service dining can also be found in many other industries, such as cruise ships, senior communities, catering functions, and casinos. Even though these types of restaurants are part of another operation, this does not lower the expectations for restaurant customer service.

The WaiterBell system can benefit any dining situation with table service. It is easy to install and uninstall for one-time events, and flexible to handle additional tables. Another added benefit of the WaiterBell system is that it allows the waitstaff to cover more tables and be on call while multi-tasking.


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