Article: “Science Reveals Customer Service Secrets” (Feb.2006)

“It would seem that nothing new has developed from the field of customer service until you know the work of Professor Richard B. Chase and Associate Professor Sriram Dasu at USC’s Marshall School of Business.

Professor’s Chase & Dasu have applied the field of behavioral science to customer service. They have developed five principles that are simple but profound. The insight gleamed from these principles will leave an impact on customer service for many small businesses when applied.

4. Build Commitment Through Choice: Provide your customers with choices in the product or service delivery. According to Professor Chase, a study revealed blood donors experienced less perceived pain when they had a choice of which arm the blood would be drawn from. The lesson here is to create choices for your customer during the business process.”

source: “Science Reveals Customer Service Secrets” by Darrell Zahorsky (, Feb.2006)

WaiterBell Angle: There are some interesting parts of the article, however not all may apply to the restaurant industry. I included #4 because the WaiterBell system provides choice to the customer during the dining experience. Empowered Dining and the WaiterBell system is not meant to replace the way restaurant customer service is done, but enhance it by giving options to prevent service gaps.

There may be customers who do not wish to use the WaiterBell system or those who have no need to use it at all during their meal. However the option is there, and empowering the customer shows a level of trust in the relationship. Simply having the WaiterBell system on the table can be reassuring to the customer, just knowing that it is there and that they can use it any time.


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