Article: “Maitre D’igital – Technology brings convenience, better service to the table” (Apr.2006)

"Diners are not charged to use OpenTable, at least not directly. Restaurants pay a monthly fee to the company, plus $1 for every reservation made through and 25 cents if made through the restaurant's Web site. For Rioja, OpenTable costs an average of $600 a month, Gruitch said.

"Is it worth it? Definitely. It really helps you take care of customers and keep track of the business. It makes it easier to avoid mistakes that make customers mad."

…Call Josh Wolkon a late, but now enthusiastic, adopter of reservations technology. His 9-year-old Vesta Dipping Grill is consistently listed as the No. 1-booked Colorado restaurant at "Our clientele base is Internet savvy, I'd guess," he said.  

However, if it wasn't for the insistence of his managers, his team would still be answering phones and entering reservations by hand.

"They had to talk me into using OpenTable. There are a lot of products out there designed to take money out of the restaurant owner's pocket. I waited to see which online reservation service won the war," he said.

Wolkon decided to try it for a year. "Now, I think it's great. We have a phone message that directs customers to make reservations online."

source: "Maitre D'igital – Technology brings convenience, better service to the table" by John Lehndorff (Rocky Mountain News, Apr.15,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This article is mainly focused on, however the anecdotes on restaurants adopting technology are insightful. Many restaurants have the same apprehension about trying the WaiterBell system which is why we offer a no-risk free trial.  Also, the pricing for the WaiterBell system is an economical one-time cost without any monthly fees.

There is also a good summary of developing restaurant technologies at the end of the article.


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