Article: “Friend-filled gig keeps her smiling” (Apr.2006)

"What keeps her there is an approach atypical in the restaurant profession: a team concept. Instead of servers being solely responsible for certain tables, they work as teams and help each other serve, take drink orders and clear plates. "I think that's how it should be in any profession," Kruse said.

Higher expectations: Many restaurants and chains have begun emphasizing service as much as they emphasize their menu offerings. Said Kruse: "A lot of places have great food, but if you have great food plus great service … people seek you out."More competition: In the Charlotte market in particular, newly arrived chains, such as Ruth's Chris and McCormick & Schmick's, are raising everyone's game."

source: "Friend-filled gig keeps her smiling" by Leigh Dyer (Charlotte Observer, Apr.16, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: Waitstaffs that use a team approach when serving customers help each other to prevent service gaps. The WaiterBell system further complements the team approach with its service signal safety net. In a competitive market like Charlotte, the WaiterBell system is a distinguishing feature that demonstrates a restaurant's continuing commitment to great service.


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