Article: “Ruby R&D – New restaurant to test innovations” (Apr.2006)

"Often the term "R&D" industry lingo for research and development, conjures up images of test tubes and lab coats.

But what if an R&D facility instead served food, mixed drinks and hand-crafted beers amid colorful, retro decor? What if entry into such a facility required not a top security clearance but merely a request for a table for two?

A soon-to-open downtown Maryville restaurant will be more than just another culinary option for Blount County palates — it will be a research and development center for Ruby Tuesday Inc.

…Dishes and drinks that are successful at Ruby T could one day be introduced in all of the company's restaurants worldwide. Piet said the facility would additionally serve as a testing ground for service procedures and new technologies such as server hand-held systems and automated seating innovations."

source: "Ruby R&D – New restaurant to test innovations" by Jennifer Hodson (Maryville Daily Times, Apr.18,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: The restaurant sector is very competitive. In order to stay ahead, savvy businesses are looking for proven innovations that will increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. However you don't have to be a big chain franchise that can set up a "R&D" restaurant to try new ideas.

The WaiterBell system is a proven product that is easy to install and test. A free no-risk trial will allow you to gauge its effectiveness and the response from your customers and waitstaff.


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