Article: “Steakhouse rebuild created new opportunities” (Apr.2006)

"Although Stambaugh has scaled back his day-to-day activities at the landmark beach eatery, his days are busier than ever looking for outlets for his software. The system manages the dining room table status by identifying each table with a busy, needs bussing or ready for occupancy light on a master board at the hostess stand.

By linking the board to server stations in the kitchen and in the dining room, everyone has instantaneous recognition of each table's status, making the table turns quicker and more efficient, without requiring the hostess to make mental notes of which tables need what.

…Stambaugh said the secret to restaurant success is in the service and in the training of the staff.

"Running a restaurant is like a circus juggler spinning the plates," he said. You have to be able to do many things at once."

Properly training the staff allows it to "read the customers" to know who is in a hurry, who wants a leisurely dinner and who is amenable to up selling wine and food items."

source: "Steakhouse rebuild created new opportunities" by Larry Halstead (Tampa Bay Business Journal, Apr.14,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: The article highlights a product developed by a restaurant veteran to communicate table status. In the article, it states that the product is being tested in restaurants such as OutBack and Bennigan's. It is important for restaurants to be able to test new technologies which is why WaiterBell offers a free no-risk trial.

The "Table Turn" management solution differs from the WaiterBell system in that it does not empower the customer or provide a service safety net during the meal. As the developer of the product himself said, "the secret to restaurant success is in the service and in the training of the staff…Properly training the staff allows it to "read the customers".

The WaiterBell system helps further the abilities of a waitstaff by empowering the customer to let the waitstaff know if they need service. Can a restaurant affort to lose a customer worth losing over a "bad read"? The WaiterBell system is like having a server at every table all the time, which can help support your waitstaff when they are understaffed or extremely busy.

Every time a customer uses the WaiterBell system, they are providing the waitstaff an opportunity to increase their customer satisfaction.


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