Article: “BYU Study Shows What it Takes to Keep Customers Satisfied” (Apr.2006)

"These studies led to the discovery that there are two distinct factors involved in customer satisfaction: the tangible factor and the psychological factor.

Tangible factors include things like what the company gives a customer to compensate them for the problem and can include gift cards or free products, she said. The psychological factor is what the company says or does to make amends. This can include apologies or just having a courteous attitude.

"If a company wants to please a customer they need a service plane with a combination of both psychological and tangible factors," DeTienne said.

She said that having a plan in place is very important for a company because problems are bound to arise.

"I don't know any companies that do this completely; I know of a bank and that Best Buy does some extent of this but not completely," she said. "Humans work in companies so there will be failures because of the human factor, so there is a need for them to implement a system for service recovery."

source: "BYU Study Shows What it Takes to Keep Customers Satisfied" by Contessa Hardman (NewsNet, Apr.17,2006)

In the official press release of the research (click here), Professor Kristen DeTienne, has additional thoughts:

"Companies with successful service recovery systems increase future business, can command a premium price on products and services, get better word-of-mouth advertising and reduce overall costs, said DeTienne"

So what should companies do to improve service recovery efforts?

First, said DeTienne, managers should figure out where service problems will inevitably rise and devise ways to prevent them in the first place."

WaiterBell Angle: DeTienne's research on customer recovery applies to the restaurant industry every time a customer is waiting for assistance. As described in the article, customers value tangible and psychological factors in customer recovery. The WaiterBell system offers both, a tangible factor, that once pressed provides a psychological factor when the waitstaff appears to assist them.

Mistakes in a restaurant happen, no one is perfect. How can a waitstaff and restaurant practice customer recovery? What is their "service recovery system"? WaiterBell can be seen as a "service recovery system" where you empower the customer to help signal the waitstaff they are in need of assistance.  WaiterBell provides a tangible and psychological comfort to the customer while also providing a service recovery system your waitstaff.

Everytime a customer is in need of assistance and uses the WaiterBell system, it is an opportunity for the restaurant to make a customer happy and deepen its relationship with that customer.


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