Article: “Build a Better Boneyard” (Apr.2006)

"We watched our original waitress having a long conversation at a nearby table but couldn’t catch her eye for more than 15 minutes. Our empty salad plates were cleared by servers who also told us that only our waitress could take a beverage order, though they did refill our water. Finally our main courses arrived, brought by still another person who couldn’t order drinks.

At this point, we flagged down someone else and asked her to help us, because our waitress still hadn’t noticed we’d been trying to signal her. We ordered glasses of Mano a Mano Tempranillo ($8) and Rosenblum Zinfandel ($14) from the list, which had many selections suited to grilled meats. We would have tried more of them but, given that we didn’t receive the first glasses until most of our meals were gone, that was impossible.

We pondered dessert but decided to have it somewhere else, because our server was busy with other tables again. As a barbecue lover who also appreciates style, I was disappointed – this could be an incredible place, but it’s not there yet."

source: "Build a Better Boneyard" by Richard Foss (Los Angeles City Beat, Apr.20,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This restaurant review is worth posting for a couple of reasons. If you notice in the excerpts, there are multiple opportunities for additional orders that are lost due to poor service (i.e. wines, dessert). This is actual revenue lost by the restaurant. The reviewer notes some highlights in the meal, but it is dulled by the mentions of poor service. Also, the reviewer does not mention anything to the waitstaff, leaving the restaurant to find out about the issue in his mixed review, possibly costing the restaurant future business.

No one can measure the impact of this review on the restaurant, however it will be available online for a long time. Whenever someone searches for this restaurant's name on the web, this review could come up.

The fact is the WaiterBell system could have prevented the service gaps from happening and make money for this restaurants. If WaiterBell was at the table, they would have ordered extra wine and dessert. Remove the mentions of poor service from this review and you have a much more positive impression encouraging potential customers to visit the restaurant. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your customers are constantly reviewing your restaurant, some are talking to their friends and others are posting their experiences online. WaiterBell will help ensure that they are not talking about inattentive service and add value to the bottom line.


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