Article: “Good Food, Good Friday, Very Good Customer Service Experience” (Apr.2006)


"Michael, the manager has a full crew and they’re all working hard. He is acting as the host, seating people as their names are called, and keeping an eye on things. (Would you call that “Management By Walking Around?”) He has a professional crew and they remind me of a finely choreographed ballet. 

…I draw several conclusions about the customer service experience. First, someone perhaps Michael, hired people with the right competencies for the position. They’re friendly, experienced, efficient, and don’t make mistakes.

Second, they’ve been well trained. They’re usually cross-selling, or checking back to see if your food is prepared well. (Not always a given in wait staff.) Some of the parties near me are in a hurry, and the staff only has to be told once before they see the check appear earlier than usual.

…As I leave, even more people are waiting. An elderly couple enters, and then pauses at the size of the waiting crowd, undecided about whether to stay or go elsewhere. I walk past them and say, “Good food, great service. Go on in.” The wife replies, “Well then, I think we will.”

source: "Good Food, Good Friday, Very Good Customer Service Experience" by Glenn Ross (Customer Service Experience, Apr.21, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: We often post articles on this blog with reports of questionable restaurant service. Here we post an example of the type of restaurant service that a majority of restaurant-goers experience everyday. This post by Glenn Ross is a good breakdown of his own favorable customer service experience at IHOP. 

The beauty of the WaiterBell system is that it does not interfere with restaurant operations when it is performing as Mr.Ross says "a finely choreographed ballet". This happens over and over again everyday as diners experience the pleasures of full service restaurants. Meanwhile, the WaiterBell can sit inconspicuously on the table when it is not needed. 

Unfortunately, mistakes and off-days are part of business and being human, and that's when the WaiterBell system is most effective. The WaiterBell system helps a waitstaff and restaurant recover from a potentially damaging service gap by empowering the customer.


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