Article: “Rooftop patios take Charlotte to higher level” (Apr.2006)

"Currents Coastal Cuisine, a new upscale restaurant in Ballantyne, is the newest addition to the rooftop scene.

The view: Only open a few weeks, the restaurant's 36-seat rooftop patio already is popular. "It's a nice place for people to sit and relax while feeling as if they're up and away from everything," says general manager Mark Mueller.

The view isn't spectacular — it overlooks some busy roads and the parking lot of Lowe's Foods — but patrons seem to get a kick out of watching everyone below scurrying to complete their errands while they're above it all kicking back with a cool beverage."

source: "Rooftop patios take Charlotte to higher level" by Olivia Fortson (The Charlotte Observer, Apr.21, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: Eating outside, whether it is on a patio, a pier, or on a roof, is a unique joy. As stated in the article above, the view doesn't even have to be very much. The WaiterBell system helps restaurants to maximize this unique dining experience for their customers.

With WaiterBell, outside diners never have to worry about feeling stranded from the waitstaff operating inside. WaiterBell helps customers enjoy their outdoor dining while knowing that WaiterBell is there if they need any assistance. Also, if a customer desires more privacy, the waitstaff can rest assured that they will know if any assistance is needed.


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