Article: “Knives are out for the waiting game” (Apr.2006)

"TASMANIAN restaurants took a battering recently when Tourism Tasmania chairman Bob Annells slammed service at a five-star establishment in Hobart as "appalling".

While tourism operators and restaurant owners were quick to defend themselves, many backed his claim that service in Tasmania is often less than adequate and could be damaging the entire tourism industry.

…Noted Tasmanian food writer Roger McShane said better service was the sole responsibility of restaurant owners and managers — to train staff in the composition of the menu, the best dishes to order, products used in dishes and which wines to match.

"Poor service is the single most common factor in people not returning to a restaurant," he said."

source: "Knives are out for the waiting game" by Genevieve Read (The Mercury, Apr.23, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This article implies that restaurant customer service not only affects the restaurant's bottom line, but can affect the bottom line of a country. Similar to Tasmania, Singapore has also recently begun taking action to improve restaurant customer service fearing that it is affecting their tourism industry (click here).

We have created an "international" category in the right sidebar for those interested in information about restaurant customer service in other countries.


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