Article: “Battle of the pancake houses” (Apr.2006)

"Darby said the new owners are now in a position to be successful, even with IHOP next door, “being owner-operators that can operate the restaurant much leaner than I can,” he said.

Most people say, however, that this town is only big enough for one pancake house and will definitely not support two that are side by side.

“They have the national name,” Kelly said. “We have been around locally for 30 years. They are owned by out-of-state people and we are local. It’s not going to be easy, but I think the Pancake House is going to be just fine.”

Kelly said service is also where he thinks the Pancake House will stand out from its competition.

“We will continue to treat people like family and have a very nice atmosphere for our customers,” he said. “It’s family service that makes you feel like you’re home.”

source: "Battle of the pancake houses" by Fred Pace (The Register-Herald, Apr.22,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This article is a classic example of an independent restaurant dealing with a national chain competitor entering the market. In this case, the competition is moving in right next door. To compete effectively, independent restaurants must use their advantage of being more flexible to increase customer satisfaction. 

As the owner states, they plan on their service being one of the distinguishing factors from the national chain. Another way to gain a distinct competitive edge is using WaiterBell to empower your customers and enhance service.


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