Article: “Sloppy service detracts from solid Hall’s offerings” (Apr.2006)

"Another obstacle was getting waited on. I wanted to fire a flare to announce my arrival because we sat, and sat, and sat without menus, waiting for someone to find us. When our waitress arrived, she immediately apologized for being so tardy, handed us menus, took our drink orders and promised to return lickety-split with a children’s menu. Things were looking up – or so I thought.

Again we waited. It gave us plenty of time to pick our entrees, but also gave my 3-year-old plenty of time to get antsy. When the waitress returned, she didn’t have the children’s menu, didn’t have my son’s milk and didn’t have my iced tea.

After leaving again, she reappeared about five minutes later, but made a beeline for another table where some folks I assume she was friendly with were finishing their meals – still no tea, still no milk and still no children’s menu. After chatting for what seemed like forever with this table, our waitress headed back to the kitchen and reappeared with the milk, the tea and the menu. And then she left again. And again, we waited forever to put in our order as our waitress was too busy heading back and forth from her friends’ table to the kitchen, returning each time with a bag of take-home food and drinks to go.

…Overall, the experience was a pleasant one. Some of the food was better than I expected, it was quite reasonable and although the service was horrid during one visit, I am not ready to scratch Hall’s Prime Rib off my list yet."

source: "Sloppy service detracts from solid Hall’s offerings" by Ryan Duvall (The Journal Gazette, Apr.23,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: WaiterBell is specifically designed to discreetly prevent the service gaps described above. As noted by the reviewer, their fine meal was marred by poor service.

We post these reviews to remind restaurant owners that these type of service gaps are not acceptable to customers. A dissatisfied customer will often not complain to the restaurant but tell others (via conversations, internet). In this case the dissatisfied customer told everyone in Fort Wayne, IN who reads The Journal Gazette.

The WaiterBell solution is tangible, effective, and constantly working when implemented. It provides your waitstaff with a service safety net to prevent service gaps. Try it out with a free no-risk trial.


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