Article: “Old-school ideals drive Bright Star” (Apr.2006)

"After a century, landmark Bessemer restaurant still shines" 

"As you know, there's a chain outfit on every corner, and you've got to admit, they don't do too bad of a job, but we have to maintain our quality and stay ahead of them," says Koikos. And the secret to staying ahead, according to Koikos, is threefold: quality, service and size.  

For instance, Shannon used to say a supposedly "bad" location shouldn't affect business so long as an establishment keeps up its quality and service. Indeed, Commander's has endured for 127 years despite being located next to a cemetery.

"Good service is as good as good food" was a mantra of Shannon's, and it's a mantra of The Bright Star."

source: "Old-school ideals drive Bright Star" by Kaija Wilkinson (Birmingham Business Journal, Apr.21,2006)

WaiterBell Angle: The Bright Star restaurant has been able to compete, succeed, and grow for 100 years. This is another example of an independent restaurant able to thrive with "a chain outfit on every corner". In the article, service is cited to be as important as food for a restaurant.

Some customers may be willing to endure poor service for great food, but why would a restaurant treat its customers this way with so many other dining options? It is easy to be ambivalent about quality service when the tables are full, but for the customers you lose, there is usually no second chance.

Below is an excerpt from a restaurant review where the critic feels that the poor service detracts from the good food.

"It's a shame the servers fall short, because much of the food at The Greek Corner is good. 

But the service on all four of my visits was so spectacularly inept that any recommendation I make must be tempered with a caveat: Any advantage gained from the good Greek food could be canceled by the egregiously unskilled staff.

source: "The Greek Corner: Staff doesn't speak the language or read the menus" by Scott Joseph (Orlando Sentinel, Feb.5,2006)

A restaurant in business for 100 years? That's not based on luck or location, it's due to customers who appreciate the food and the service.  

The WaiterBell system is a tangible solution that can help enhance restaurant customer service. It is working for you every second of every day, unobtrusive yet ever present for your customers.


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