Article: “Secrets to Great Service” (Mar.2006)

"Almost any restaurant has room to improve service. Here’s how to do it.

People may visit a restaurant once if they hear the food is good,but most won't return if the servers are clueless,insulting or indifferent. Sadly, at far too many restaurants, the quality of service lags far behind the quality of food.

In the last Zagat Survey, service ratings ranked behind food by an average of nearly two points. Some 72 percent of complaints by diners responding to the survey were service-related.

For operators, the idea of improving service should be a no-brainer. In the most recent J.D. Power and Associates restaurant satisfaction survey, service ran a close second to food as a deciding factor in respondents' happiness with a restaurant experience. Better service translates into happier customers, more repeat business and referrals, healthier sales, beefier tips, lower turnover and other positive outcomes.

…Too many chains and operators pay more attention to promotion, trying to get seats filled, than they do to making sure the customers occupying those seats have a positive experience. "Companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising to get you to come to their places of business, but very little time and money understanding what they do to you when they get you there," he observes."

source: "Secrets to Great Service" by Megan Rowe (Restaurant Hospitality, Mar.2006)

WaiterBell Angle: This article touches on the many issues surrounding restaurant customer service and provides helpful examples from actual restaurants.

In the article it states: "The idea is to allow the guest to feel he or she is in control." WaiterBell not only lets the guest feel that they are in control, but actually empowers the guest to have some control. WaiterBell is an affordable solution that is easy to install, immediately effective, and constantly working. It is unobtrusive, yet ever present for diners to use if necessary.

We understand that restaurants are a fine balance of many elements which is why we offer a free no-risk trial. Try out the system, get feedback, and make your decision at no-risk. Click here for more information.


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