Article: “Inside the House: Preferred Seating”

Want to be an empowered diner and get the "good tables", here's some advice from a hostess in DC:

"And as you tuck into your pasta, you think, "Who are all these people who always get good tables? What do they have that I don't? They must be real Washington insiders, with tons of money and clout. No one cares about little old me."

Well, folks, there is a bit of truth in your thinking. But not a whole lot.

The truth is that these people do have something you don’t: information and experience. Most restaurants are in the business of pleasing people. Nothing pleases us better than giving you what you want — assuming we know what you want in time to make that happen. And people who get good tables know that."

source: "Inside the House: Preferred Seating" by Nadya S. Nikiforova (, Apr.25, 2006)

Also, be sure to check out the article "Dude, you ordered a burger" for insights from Boston's waitstaff on "acting like a normal human being in restaurants".


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