Research: “Internet penetration reaches a new high-water mark” (Apr.2006)

"While the percentage of Americans who say they use the internet has continued to fluctuate slightly, our latest survey, fielded February 15 – April 6, 2006 shows that fully 73% of respondents (about 147 million adults) are internet users, up from 66% (about 133 million adults) in our January 2005 survey.

While 88% of 18-29 year-olds now go online, 84% of 30-49 year-olds, 71% of 50-64 year-olds, and 32% of those age 65 and older say they use the internet.

Adults who live in households earning $50,000 or more exceed the national average for internet penetration; 86% of adults living in households with annual income between $50,000 and $75,000 use the internet, compared with 91% of adults living in households earning more than $75,000."

source: "Internet penetration reaches a new high-water mark" by Mary Madden (Pew Internet & American Life Project, Apr.2006)

WaiterBell Angle: The research above shows that more and more potential restaurant customers are using the internet. If someone went online for information about your restaurant, what would they find besides your web site?

The internet is a soapbox for diners, and their comments are indexed to be found by others for years to come. Take a look at sites such as and, which are only a few of the many places customers are talking about their dining experiences. 

That is why restaurants need to look for ways to increase customer satisfaction and prevent service gaps. WaiterBell does both, and with a free no-risk trial, there is everything to gain.


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