Research: Hospitality Technology’s 8th Annual Restaurant Technology Study – “Delivering Resturant Efficiency”

"There is little change from years past in regard to firms’ incorporation of IT into their mission statements or their business plans, although many respondents anticipate increased integration within the next three years. Thus, it seems as though these firms are still not recognizing the potential that IT can offer them in terms of establishing and maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace.

…Also noteworthy is the change in the importance being placed on enhanced guest service. This year 48% indicated that this driver was very important, compared to only 14.1% in 2004 and 15% in 2003. This change in important perception may indicate that these firms are increasingly recognizing that it is far easier and better to retain a customer that you already have, rather than recruit new customers. One way to retain customers is to improve the service provided."

source: "Delivering Resturant Efficiency" (Hospitality Technology, 2006) 

WaiterBell Angle: This 16 page study covers the current restaurant technology trends in POS, training, and more. As reported in the study, restaurants are realizing that technology can enhance guest services and more importantly, retain customers. WaiterBell technology does exactly that, enhance guest services to help retain customers. Investing in restaurant technology can be tricky, that is why WaiterBell offers a free no-risk trial.

note: Hospitality Magazine offers free subscriptions to their magazine and newsletter, as well as, free access to their magazine archive, research, and special reports.


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