Resource: “Complete NRA’s Operations Survey — And Get Free $100 Operations Report” (Apr.2006)


"The National Restaurant Association, with the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche, conducts an annual survey of restaurant operators to compile the single most widely recognized source of industry operating data available – the Restaurant Industry Operations Report. Fill out the survey and receive:

• A free copy of the NRA's Restaurant Industry Operations Report, the NRA's top-selling financial tool to help restaurateurs analyze and benchmark their operations

• A six-month free subscription to Restaurant TrendMapper, the NRA's 24/7 data-and-analysis source on restaurants and the economy."

link: "Complete NRA's Operations Survey — And Get Free $100 Operations Report" (NRA, 2006)
online survey: NRA's Operation Survey (Deadline is May 31, 2006) 

This is a great opportunity for restaurant owners to get the report for free. You can also check with your local restaurant association about the availability of their latest survey report. For those who own a restaurant in San Francisco, you can download a comprehensive 170 page study prepared in 2005 by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.

"In March and April 2005 Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA) conducted a survey of GGRA members and a 25% random sample of other San Francisco restaurants. The 25% sample was drawn from the San Francisco Tax Collector’s database of food and beverage service licensees.

…The principal focus of the survey is full service restaurants (also referred to as table service restaurants) which were 80% of the San Francisco survey panel and 77% of all San Francisco restaurants and bars at the time of the survey."

source: "Economics of the San Francisco Restaurant Industry 2005" by Kent Sims (Golden Gate Restaurant Association, 2005)


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