Resource: U.S. Business Dining Etiquette

While restaurant etiquette can vary with your location, the same can be said with the situation. The business lunch/dinner with a client or employer can be especially delicate because of business-related matters (e.g. job, deal). For this reason, many sites (especially college career centers) and articles are available to provide some guidance.

"Doing Lunch Right" by Ann Brown (Black Enterprise, Apr.12,2006)

"How to succeed at a business lunch" by Marc Ramirez (Seattle Times, Mar.14,2006)

"CEOs say how you treat a waiter can predict a lot about character" by Del Jones (USA Today, Apr.17,2006)

"Know your essential business dining etiquette" by Denise Burton (Los Angeles Business Journal, Nov. 1, 2004)

"Avoid Business Lunch Blunders" by Edward Klink (Horsemouth, May 13,2002)

Diner Digest's "American Table Manners"
Virginia Tech's "Dining Etiquette Q&A"
Ball State University's "Basic Table Manners"

If you have other links or resources to add to this, please let us know here or at our forums.

note: future postings will cover general and business dining etiquette in other regions (e.g. East Asia)

Happy Eating.


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