Resource: The art of the restaurant complaint

If you encounter restaurant food or service that is subpar and worthy of complaint, what to do?

Many leave and never return to the restaurant. They may also spread negative word-of-mouth about the restaurant. Generally a restaurant will want to hear critical feedback so that they can help resolve the issue to the customer's satisfaction and prevent future problems.

Unfortunately when some customers complain in a restaurant, it is not always done in a constructive way (e.g. blaming the waitstaff when they are not responsible). Below are articles and sources to help provide some guidance when complaining to a restaurant.


"How to make your restaurant complaint count" by Pamela J. Wischkaemper (, May 20,2005)

"How to complain in a restaurant" by Gary Blake (, Dec.12,2000)

"How to resolve a restaurant complaint" (ehow)

"Complaints? Turn'em In" by Robert Longley (

If you wish to post your dining experience online in a restaurant review site, click here for some suggested sites.

General Sites:
Better Business Bureau
check with your state's restaurant association for the local health department

If you have other links or resources to add to this, please let us know here or at our forums.

Happy Eating.


2 Responses to “Resource: The art of the restaurant complaint”

  1. Judy Says:

    Thanks for passing along your link to your site – I will definitely take a look at these.

    This is why I love comment cards and restaurant websites with comment sections. While there are times when I see my waiter goofing off instead of refilling my glass or “forgetting” to turn in my order (I am amazed at how often that happens), thus justifying a smaller tip as a way of “commenting” on the service, it is not right to show your displeasure in the cook staff or the management through the tip – they could really care less what the waitstaff gets or doesn’t get for a tip.

    In our case last week, the waiter was slow to get to us, slow to get our drinks (because he was partying wiht the gals at the back table – other staff members), and just in general, slow. We reflected that in his tip. But, it wasn’t ALL him. The kitchen was slow, too, and management was nowhere on hand. That is what prompts my visits to websites…when it goes beyond just simple waitstaff issues.

    Again – thanks for letting me know of your site!

  2. arthur sikes Says:

    my wife and i ordered two steaks at chilis and told them well well done we picked them up and brought them home to eat they were half raw with blood coming out of them they didnt even look like new york strip and a rib eye tasted like sirloin or old roast we called and told them they wasnt even apoligetic said they would mail us coupons for half off meals which they havent did yet

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