Article: “The reign of chains: These restaurants – casual, inexpensive and consistent – rule the dine-out scene for many Long Islanders” (May 2006)


"According to Richard Martin, executive editor of Nation's Restaurant News, last year's gross aggregate sales for the hundred largest casual chain restaurants amounted to $500billion, or 41 percent of national sales for all restaurant services.

There must be something that keeps Americans chained to these casual dining spots.

Charlie Kubelka of Jericho says he has never been less than satisfied with the value at Applebee's. "Any time I see an Applebee's, I know what I'm going to get," said Kubelka, who turned up at the Commack branch after playing golf nearby. "Their food is consistent, there's a good variety, the prices are moderate, and there are enough locations that you can always find one off a major thoroughfare." 

…And therein lies the draw of so many chain restaurants: reliability. If, as some critics say, that often translates into mediocrity, they may be missing the point."

source: "The reign of chains" by Joan Reminick (Newsday, May 3, 2006)

WaiterBell Angle: The article discusses how the chain restaurant food quality is kept consistent and it has translated to their brand as "reliable". Not covered, but equally important is consistency of customer service.

If you read reviews for both chain and independent restaurants, you may see some customers raving about a restaurant, while others are warning potential customers away. This is often due to inconsistency of food and/or service.  

WaiterBell helps ensure consistency in restaurant customer service by providing a service safety net for your guests and waitstaff. The system is unobtrusively working 24-7 for your restaurant. This consistency in service and food quality is the kind of reliability that will increase repeat business and attract new customers.


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