Article: “Consumer Insights: Now You See It” (No date)


"For restaurateurs, we might add this one: good service. Aside from good food (and even that, at times, is debatable), there’s simply no attribute more coveted by operators. And yet, like the harried justice, every restaurateur struggles to define what good service really means. That’s a problem, because if the owner or the manager doesn’t know, how’s he or she supposed to teach it to the floor staff? If only there were a checklist, a black-and-white manual, some universally agreed-to standard that would tell you if you’ve got good service or not.

Of course, there is no such thing. Making matters worse, the operator’s more frequent brush with the topic occurs in the negative: He hears it when customers don’t get good service much more frequently than when they do. Nonetheless, the struggle to define good service remains. A number of business schools and consultants have paid a great deal of attention to the problem of measuring quality service and customer satisfaction in recent years."

source: "Consumer Insights: Now You See It" (

WaiterBell Angle: This article compares and contrasts three models of service in order to get reveal more truths about what is "good service". One of the point is that good service is how the waitstaff "they themselves define it on a customer-by-customer basis" and creating a "company culture that employees like and feel valued by". It ends to say that the final decision of "good service" is determined by the customer.

Beyond training and company culture, how can restaurants invest in a tangible solution that will help increase customer satisfaction and feel that they are receiving "good service". WaiterBell accomplishes those goals, and much more. With WaiterBell, restaurants empower customers to show them that they are valued.


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