Article: “Table for 12? Plan ahead for those special occasions” (May 2006)

"It could be Graduation Day or a Big Birthday. Maybe it's a gathering of your book club, softball team or gourmet group. Perhaps you're planning a farewell lunch for an office mate or a night on the town for relatives from out-of-town. Your mission: to score a restaurant reservation for a large party. That way, you won't show up at 7 p.m. begging, "Uh, table for 12?"

In the best of all worlds, there will be a warm welcome and a comfortable table waiting for you, whether you've planned that meal out two months ahead — or two days ago. But don't count on it.

Instead, count on these tips from area restaurant pros to help you get that table, make the most of your visit and leave saying, "Hey! That was fun!"

source: "Table for 12? Plan ahead for those special occasions" by Nancy Leson (The Seattle Times, May 3,2006)


2 Responses to “Article: “Table for 12? Plan ahead for those special occasions” (May 2006)”

  1. rachael Says:

    great find on those discounts!

  2. marc latimer Says:

    I experienced a very awkward situation last Sunday and I am curious as to how to handle this in the future.
    A group of friends (started with 10 and grew to 16) made reservations at a local bar and grill. They seated us in an L shaped arrangement with 6 diners at one table and 10 at the other. My brother and I brought 3 bottles from our cellar of some very special wines which we shared. Some guests had cocktails and appetizers, others did not. When the meal was over I divided the check by 16 and we all owed $45 per person. We were all there as couples with spouses or friends. Nobody had a problem with the bill except my wealthy friend, Bob. He said he didn’t owe that much and demanded a separate check for $50 for him and his date. It was awkward, inconvenient and embarrassing to say the least. I told him that I no longer wanted to dine with him in a group arrangement in the future which embarrassed him. We all had to wait 30 to 40 minutes for the waiter to straighten this out and provide Bob with a separate check for 4 guests at his table. They paid a total of $160, with $55 being Bob’s portion.

    In hind site I realize it would be best to have a prior agreement as to how to settle a check in a group situation such as this.

    How would you handle this, and was I out of line?

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