Article: “Trend enables users to save, store online material” (Apr.2006)


"Part of the problem with the Web is organizing information so you can actually find stuff. Tagging is a set of tools that people use to help other people find stuff," said Internet analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group. "So communities form around this. If it's done well, it's useful and allows people to help each other. If it's done badly, it is just another complexity on the Web."

"It's a solution for the personal information management problem," said Michael Grubb, chief technology officer of, a tagging site operated by LookSmart of San Francisco. "How to get back to where you were or save a page or do a search of what you've saved." also allows users to save entire Web pages rather than just bookmark and share. People use it to do research for work or dissertations, remember good restaurants, and collect information on colleges or graduate schools they are considering, Grubb said"

source: "Trend enables users to save, store online material" by Barbara Grady (, Apr.17,2006)

Being able to quickly store web pages somewhere that you can look at later or share is very important with the quality. quantity, and potentially shortlived information on the internet.

For example, you find a great article on restaurant marketing, bookmark it.  When you go back to reread it, the web page has been deleted. Let's say you printed the article out, but it is filed away somewhere in a pile of papers, where is it? You have two friends that should read the article also, but you don't want to type it all over again or send it by regular mail.

These new services provide four big advantages:
1. Copies of the web page are stored in your personal web account
2. It allows you to add notes and tags that can help you and others find it faster in the future.
3. You can search through your personal web account like searching through google.
4. You can share your web account with others to see the copies.

Any piece of information you come across on the web: a recipe, training manual, restaurant review, can be copied,  archived, and tagged. You never have to worry about remembering the link, finding the bookmark, or the page being deleted. Right now these services are free, here are some of the ones available:


We have chosen Simpy for use with TechWaiterBell, and any article that is referenced on this blog (or WaiterBell related blogs) can be found again in the WaiterBelll Simpy account: So if you ever read anything here, and go to the source link and it is no longer there, then check our Simpy account.


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