Article: “Restaurant pagers add games, sizzle” (Sep.2005)


"For years … the only thing there was in the industry was a coaster pager with lights," said Lisa Roberts, chief financial officer of North Carolina-based EPD Inc., which this year began selling a pager called the InfoCube with games, famous quotes and other information.

…Also on the market are new systems that enable restaurateurs to call a patron's cellphone when it's time to dine.

Such systems have been available since 2000, but industry experts expect them to become more popular as cellphone use soars.

…A typical system at Long Range costs less than $2,000 and includes the charger, transmitter and 20 coasters.

A replacement pager costs $50 each. By comparison, a replacement InfoCube pager can be as much as $80, EPD's Ms. Roberts said."

source: "Restaurant pagers add games, sizzle" by Karen Robinson-Jacobs (Dallas Morning News, Sep.29,2005)

WaiterBell Angle: The restaurant pager is a technology that works well for its purpose, however the costs may be a bit prohibitive with the cost per lost pager. This is a significant investment for a small part of the customer experience, waiting for a table. WaiterBell works to improve the rest of the customer experience at a restaurant.

It might be easy to confuse WaiterBell with restaurant pagers, as some have referred to WaiterBell as a tabletop paging service. Terminology aside, here are some major differences:

Restaurant Pagers:
Used only for waiting lists
Restaurant -> Customer communication
No customer empowerment

Used and available for entire dining experience
Customer -> Restaurant communication
Customer empowerment
Additional benefits for waitstaff, service recovery, and more.

The WaiterBell system provides a return on your investment every hour and every day there are guests in your restaurant, as well as through repeat business and word of mouth.


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