Article: “Buzz works: hiring newsmakers can keep a restaurant business humming steadily” (Feb.2005)


"An effective restaurant public-relations campaign that generates favorable exposure through newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio stations and the Internet has a wider reach than does word-of-mouth awareness alone. And the public lends more credibility to articles they read and stories they hear about your restaurant than to advertisements they read and see.

A carefully crafted restaurant public-relations campaign will raise both media and consumer awareness of your business. Simply put, the "buzz" about your restaurant begins with and is reinforced by the media. By cultivating positive relationships with the media and creating publicity via the media, restaurant operators enhance their chances for continued prosperity.

So what exactly is restaurant public relations, and why is it the best route for you to create positive awareness? People often confuse PR with advertising, but the two are dramatically different."

source: "Buzz works: hiring newsmakers can keep a restaurant business humming steadily" by Aaron Allen (Nation's Restaurant News, Feb.21,2005)

The first challenge is learning how to write a press release. This is a useful skill that is worthy of learning and will pay off for years to come. Here are some sites with tips and advice on writing a press release:

PR Resource Center (
"How to Write a Great Press Release" (
"Guide to Writing Successful Press Releases" by Dr. Randall Hansen

Submitting and distributing press releases have been a staple of the media industry, however now there are online services that will distribute your press release for free. As in most cases, the free services are meant to entice users to subscribe for fee services, however for a budget-concious restaurant owner the free services should handle the job for now.

Here are sites offering free press release distribution services:

Media Syndicate



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