Media: Restaurant Podcasts

In the past, if you missed a radio show, then you missed it, better luck next time. Some radio shows are now downloadable to your portable audio device for listening anytime, and are often called podcasts. Here are some restaurant related podcasts that you might find interesting:

The Restaurant Guys
"Co-hosts Francis Schott and Mark Pascal—who own Stage Left Restaurant in New Brunswick, NJ—have interviewed food luminaries like Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl and chef Charlie Palmer in between other animated discussions. Their podcasts are adaptations of three 40-minute episodes from their radioshow on WCTC-1450 AM."

Food for your ears
"The San Francisco Chronicle's award-winning food department brings you podcasts for your ears as well as your stomach. Hear about their favorite places to eat, excerpts from interviews with celebrity chefs and other delectable content."

Bob Lape's Dining Diary
"Bob Lape is a well-known broadcast journalist, writer, restaurant reviewer, and food critic. His food column in Crain's New York and Dining Diary broadcast on WCBS focuses on general lifestyle subjects, travel, categories of wine, and fine dining."

Pat Whitley Restaurant Show
"Today, the Pat Whitley Restaurant Show has become a “Sunday Morning Ritual” in New England, right up there with reading the Sunday paper and going out for Sunday Brunch. For almost three decades the show has been perfected to a fine art!"

On the Rail
"News and stories from, the place to find stories and news from the trenches of the restaurant industry." The site also has a nice directory of other restaurant radio shows (click here)

More restaurant/food related podcasts can be found searching for keywords in these podcast directories:
Podcast Alley
Yahoo! Podcast
via Itunes Directory


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