Web Site: Restaurant Report


"Restaurant Report is written for the midscale/upscale segment of the independent restaurant market. We write for the chefs, owners, management and staff teams of this vibrant community. Our goal is to provide a valuable online resource which offers information that supports the mission of our independent audience — delivering outstanding local dining experiences!"

link: Restaurant Report

There are too many free resources on this site to mention. Here are just a few: a free newsletter, q&a section answered by restaurant owners, access to articles on being a restaurant owner. The site also has promotions for its paid services. The restaurant community on Restaurant Report is responsive and helpful. Check out the "Great Debates" section (and the comments) to see the various opinions an several restaurant issues. The "Q&A" section might answer a question about which you have been wondering.

The sharing of restaurant information, tips, and advice on RestaurantReport.com is great and helpful to the community. The free newsletter will keep you in touch with the site.

Note: Tips WaiterBell will often feature web sites that have useful information, tips, and advice for restaurant professionals. We hope for this site to be a place that will connect restaurant owners to the vast online resources scattered among various web sites, blogs, and online publications.


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